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Service 10 / 10
Food 9 / 10
Atmosphere / Setting 8 / 10
Value 8 / 10

Two doctors have opened a South-Indian restaurant in Ramsbottom. We went to check it out...

 We walked into what used to be someone's house and were greeted as if it still was one. Dev Sankar, the owner, shook our hands and welcomed us in. Padmini 'Mini' Sankar, his wife and the current chef and co-owner, also passed through the smart reception area and did the same. We sat down to have a look at the wine menu and decided on a Pinot grigio, which was very fresh and fruity. We also ordered an Indian red, which Dev recommended.

We were each handed a menu with a large selection of starters listed. We didn't have a clue what any of it meant, but we were taken through each dish and its origin and ingredients were explained to us. We chose a selection of different bits and pieces and then were taken to our table.
 Dev returned to give us the main course menu and again explain what each dish was. We chose a different dish each with rice to accompany it.

 As the starters arrived, we were already really impressed and the sight of all these rich coloured nibbles added to that. Everything was as fresh as had been promised and tasted excellent. I hope when the full menu is in use, Mini's 'Chicken 65' stays on it, it was delicious. Perfectly cooked pieces of chicken in a spicy and complex marinade. The spinach dumplings and stuffed pancake were equally tasty.

 The main courses arrived just at the right time, again totally fresh and tasted just as good as they looked. The mutton with rice was cooked to perfection, with meat that was flavoured perfectly (two of us were convinced it tasted of mint, the other two cinnamon - more on this debate later!).My chicken curry was excellent with a great chilli flavour and went perfectly with the egg-fried rice.
 This was an excellent dining experience. We were educated about the menu, tried new flavours, made to feel welcome and enjoyed all the food. Extremely well prepared and presented, first class service, totally spot on.
 We went for a drink after and as we left the bar, No Mushrooms discovered a voicemail on his phone from the restaurant. It was Dr Sankar explaining that the mutton contained both mint and cinnamon, something he wasn't sure of earlier, but had checked with Mini.
 If their medical work is even a fraction as well thought out and executed as this restaurant, the Sankar's have some very lucky patients.

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